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Conectando Pessoas para Inspirar Mudanças

Os efeitos do aquecimento global e da mudança climática, sem dúvida, já estão sobre nós, mas confiamos que, se nós, a comunidade global, decidirmos agir agora, nosso impacto poderá mudar o futuro do planeta.


Para construir uma comunidade colaborativa online que servirá de inspiração e apoio para a ação ambiental contínua em todo o mundo.


Oferecer eventos virtuais globais liderados por jovens e mostrar recursos que darão às pessoas o conhecimento, as habilidades, o apoio e a esperança necessários para fazer mudanças em suas vidas diárias que, coletivamente, terão um impacto positivo profundo no meio ambiente.

Eram diferentes

O Earth Action Hub irá preencher a lacuna entre as gerações, o Norte e o Sul globais, aqueles com experiência em ação climática e aqueles que não sabem por onde começar em face das mudanças climáticas. Muitos eventos climáticos atendem apenas a pessoas que já estão ativamente engajadas no movimento ambiental.

No entanto, para muitos - especialmente os jovens - o envolvimento ativo na ação climática pode ser opressor e confuso. Portanto, sentimos que é importante que o evento e a plataforma da EAH sejam orientados para inspirar todas as pessoas a realizarem ações individuais poderosas que contribuam para um movimento global e tenham um impacto positivo.

Quem somos nós!

Somos um grupo de jovens de todo o mundo movidos pela mesma visão de criar um senso de cidadania global para apoiar um planeta próspero.

Barry McLaughlin

Ireland / UK

PR and Comms Co-lead

What is your motivation for organizing EAH?

I believe that together, our collective power can change the world!

Short Bio

Formerly an elite athlete, Barry has now become an environmental advocate and conservationist who is striving to transcend conventional scientific boundaries and create new innovative solutions to address the global challenges facing sustainability and environmental protection. He has a distinct intellectual curiosity of addressing the concerns associated with the global ecological decline & values multi-cultural and international collaboration in tackling these global challenges. Barry has a Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences from Ulster University and is pursuing his Master’s at University of California, Berkeley, in Development Engineering; specializing in Water, Energy & Environment. Barry is a George Moore Scholar and the Former Climate Ambassador of Ireland. He has also has been involved in several projects through MOCKCOP, British Trust for Ornithology and the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Joanna Tao

New Zealand / UK-Spain

Event Schedule Coordinator

What is your motivation for organizing EAH?

The stewardship for our mother earth is a common language that can transcend beyond borders, and together, we have the power to be the agent of change today.

Short Bio

Currently completing her Postgraduate study in Geography at the University of Auckland, Joanna is an environmental and sustainability advocate with a particular interest in urban environmental management. Since high school, she coordinated her very own environmental conference and wrote several national and international published journal articles. During her undergraduate studies, Joanna was selected as one of the few young scholars who attended the 9th University Scholars Leadership Symposium. She then participated in the world’s largest United Nations forum on Business and human rights in Geneva, Switzerland, was then selected as one of the three youth NZ delegates.
As a young environmentalist, she wishes to continue her academic pathway to pursue her dream for a PhD qualification, specialising in Urban environmental management and sustainable development.

Paola Bay

Italy - UK

Fundraising and Partners Coordinator

What is your motivation for organizing EAH?

Every living being is as important as each of us. Now together we can co-create a paradise on Earth.

Short Bio

She has been a filmmaker, a fashion designer and now artist based in London. In 2018 she was commissioned an installation - Reliquaries - for the Broken Nature Exhibition. Since 2015 she has been working with the Mamos (spiritual leaders) of the Arhuaco community in the Sierra Nevada - Colombia.
In 2020 she founded Force Weavers, a platform where Indigenous Elders share their wisdom, ancestral traditions, prophecies, while they listen to the global Youth. Her passions are Mother Earth and all beings, she has greatly tuned her life to the ancestral wisdom of respect and co-creation that Nature is teaching us.

Samia Gomes

Brasilia / Brazil

Event Structure Coordinator

What is your motivation for organizing EAH?

I believe in the power of individuals to create a better future for all living beings.

Short Bio

Samia is a passionate biologist and holds a master’s degree in Ecology (University of Brasilia, Brazil) as well as a M1 master’s degree in Cellular Biology (University of Rouen, France). She works as a lab technician at the University of Brasilia where she has been conducting projects about soil microbiome, biodiversity and ecology.
Samia’s strong interest in community engagement has led her to co-found the Dente-de-Leão NGO that specifically deals with poverty alleviation and sustainability. She is also active in her cultural environment, using music as a tool for integration and women empowerment.

Jessica Laxton

London / UK

PR and Comms Co-lead

What is your motivation for organizing EAH?

It's time to put our planet first and I have every faith that humanity can do this.

Short Bio

Jessica is a passionate environmentalist based in London, UK. Due to a fascination for the natural world she studied and holds a bachelor's degree in Zoology from the University of Bristol. Since graduating, Jessica became particularly interested in environmental education and involving young people in the climate conversation. She volunteers for multiple organisations that fill the curriculum gap for environmental education, set up eco-groups in her local schools, established a local racial-equality group and has volunteered overseas doing marine conservation and poverty alleviation.

Kristina Madsen


Event Structure, Platform & Partners Coordinator

What is your motivation for organizing EAH?

The threat of climate change might seem overwhelming, but we all have the power to take small, positive steps towards a more sustainable future.

Short Bio

Kristina Madsen is the International Coordinator of Education for the Eco-Schools programme at the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has coordinated youth programmes and projects at FEE since 2017 and is currently developing her profile within Climate Change Education.
Kristina holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business Communication (Aarhus University, Denmark) and a master’s degree in Tourism (Aalborg University - Copenhagen, Denmark) with a particular focus on sustainable development in the Global South. As part of her studies, she lived and conducted research in Chile, Kenya, and Panama.

Reeza Hanselmann


Event Structure & Partners Coordinator

What is your motivation for organizing EAH?

I believe that coming together and building community, whether virtual or not, helps cultivate the strength and optimism we all need in order to take on our world’s most urgent problems.

Short Bio

Strongly shaped by her multicultural upbringing in Latvia and Mongolia, Reeza received a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University in Anthropology, Sociology and Education Studies. Since then, she has spent time working for the GIZ in Rwanda, taught English at the National Polytechnic University in Ecuador and is currently completing a master’s degree in Education Policies for Global Development from the University of Glasgow and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Reeza also works for the Young Reporters for the Environment program at the Foundation for Environmental Education and is striving towards an international career in education for sustainable development.

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